• Natalie Just

Do At Home Teeth Whitening Systems Work?

I know you're all excited to get right to the giveaway, but Let me start out by going you a little bit of my background with teeth whitening and why I like Smile Brilliant so much!

I have tried different methods of teeth whitening before and they never seemed to work. I blamed the products of course but in reality, I wasn't dedicated enough to do the treatments regularly. I used the mouthwash, the charcoal, the strips, and when those didn't work, I went to my dentist and paid way too much money for trays and whitening gel. But, the main problem was I was not consistent and the gel from the dentist really made my teeth sensitive.

Smile brilliant completely changed the game for my teeth. I consulted with one of the members of they team to figure out the best whitening regiment for me! The woman who I worked with was so friendly and regularly emailed me to check in and see how the process was going.

So What's The Process?

Step 1: Once you're on their website, you have the option to choose between a sensitive and non-sensitive system. My teeth are definitely sensitive so I chose the T3 Sensitive System for people with light stains on their teeth.

Step 2: Once you have selected your system, they will send you a kit to make your impressions/molds for your whitening trays! You will send the mold back in a pre-paid envelope and in a few days, your whitening trays will be mailed back to you!

Step 3: When you get your trays, it's time to whiten!

My Personal Experience

Since I chose the sensitive treatment, I started the system by using the desensitizing gel 15-25 minutes before whitening. I then used the whitening gel and left the trays in for about 30 minutes on the first night. After the first night, I progressed over the next couple weeks to wearing the trays for about 2 hours a night! I know it sounds like a long time but I wore the trays before bed while I edited or worked on homework, and I was completely unbothered by them!

In regards to my sensitivity, I actually ended up not even needing to use the desensitizing gel every night! The whitening gel was not overpowering at all and the only time I felt a slight tingle from the treatment was at the beginning of the process. The desensitizing gel ended up being used on an as-needed basis which was great!

The instructions say not to eat anything 30 minutes after whitening, so I typically whitened before bed. Sometimes, I would whiten after lunch while I did my homework so I had enough time in between before dinner!

The Results!

As an avid consumer of dark chocolate and coffee, I was in desperate need of a whitening treatment that wouldn't be an inconvenience or hurt my teeth. Smile Brilliant gave me exactly that! Plus, I have experienced first had how expensive these treatments can be from a dentist office and Smile Brilliant's prices are so affordable! On top of all of that, check out these amazing results! For reference, my left canine tooth has a veneer on it. When my dentist originally put that venire on, he matched the color to the rest of my teeth so you can actually see how much whiter they all are now compared to my veneer! P.S. The only way to whiten a veneer is with your dentist. Normal whitening gels aren't powerful enough to whiten the veneer bonding material.




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