• Natalie Just

Fall Fashion Trends 2020

Leather season is finally here people! And a few new trends came along with it! Autumn has always been my favorite time of year for fashion. I love layered looks, leather everything, and wearing big chunky boots. I've rounded up some links to these and more from my current favorite fall trends of 2020 below! Also, keep an eye out for things from Urban Outfitters or Nasty Gal because I have codes with them!



This classic fall favorite is back but with a few new twists. I have seen so many Chelsea boots at every store this month. Nasty Gal has so many they dedicated a whole category under boots to them! Of course the classic black pair is still super cute and you can wear them with virtually anything, but white & black, olive, and tan versions of this shoe are also super popular right now! See below.


If you are not a huge Pinterest pinner or avid Zara fan, then this trend might have snuck up on you. Around early September, I saw pins all over my Pinterest For You page of this black and cream houndstooth sweater vest. Never did I ever think I would want to dress like a grandpa so bad but here I am buying sweater vests and New Balances. Anyway, this Zara knit vest blew up and so many bloggers and fashion icons have been seen wearing similar pieces, so I rounded up some of my personal favorites for you to browse.


Frequently seen as a part of off-duty model looks from Hailey Beiber and Kendall Jenner, this perfect mash-up of an oversized blazer and leather jacket has now flooded the market. One of the first one's I fell in love with was from Zara you can see here, but I listed a few more options as well!


I seriously cannot think of a more perfect piece of outwear for the fall. In case this term is new to you, a shacket is a shirt-jacket and it is quite possibly my favorite item in this fall trends blog. Unfortunately, I have not gotten my hands on one yet but I definitely plan on it. It is perfect for the type of fall days where it is sunny but there a little chill in the air. Perfect to pair with your pumpkin cream cold brew then head to your socially distanced pumpkin patch.


We have seen these before but never in this many designs and colors. High school me used to think the only kind of tall boots were cognac BUT I am here to tell you that these knee-high and over the knee boots are trendy-er than ever right now. I used to tuck my jeans into these babies, but I have seen them styled with dresses and skirts now more than ever. Such an easy way to add some warmth and elevate your outfit.


I've been waiting for this one, turn it up!!!! But seriously, I was begging for a new animal print to arise because leopard/cheetah was just not doing it for me anymore. I think it will always be around because it can be done tastefully every now and then, but there is something so fun and cute about cow print. I love how it is a bigger print and can be down in black and white or brown and cream. I just posted photos with this cow print bag from UO and you guys really seemed to love it! Linked below along with a few more options.