• Natalie Just

What Lollapalooza Is Really Like

This past weekend, Tyler and I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago and it was such a fun experience! If you don't know, Lollapalooza is a music festival located in Grant Park with 8+ stages and over 170 performing artists. The line-up was amazing. Some of our favorite artists we saw were 21 Pilots, Childish Gambino (his dance moves were killer), AJR, Rufus Du Sol, The Chainsmokers, Alesso, and Gryffin.


So this was my first music festival ever so I had no idea what to expect. Some people really go all out with makeup and outfits but then you'll also see people in running shorts and a t-shirt. I tried not to spend a ton of money on wild outfits that I'd never wear again, but I ended up finding some really cute pieces at a great price. Click here to shop my Lolla looks :)

One big thing I will say is that it does NOT matter what shoes you're wearing. I wore sneakers every day because they were the comfiest option but my feet STILL hurt after four days of walking and standing. One day we walked over 23,000 steps. If you have cute sneakers or Vans that match your outfit and are also comfortable, I would suggest those over sandals. Even if you have the comfiest pair of Birks, odds are you're going to get your feet stepped on at a concert so I'd just suggest sticking with closed toed shoes. I saw a lot of girls rocking their Dr. Martens but I just couldn't bring myself to it because it was so hot out. Those shoes would be a good move though if you don't mind the heat.


Avoid bag lines if you can. Tyler and I tried being trendy with our fanny packs and it cost us an hour and 40 minutes of waiting in the bag line. We went bagless one day and got in the park in under 20 minutes. They will only let in certain sized bags with one or fewer pockets, although I saw lots of fanny packs and little purses with 2-3 pockets. Overall, the security is strict. They thoroughly go through your bag and will throw away anything illegal or not-allowed without hesitation. I'm not 100% on this but I heard if you bring an empty bag and just put your phone, keys, wallet, etc. in your pocket, you can walk right through the no bag line. We found that out the last day and I wish we would have known sooner to see if that would have really worked!


Lollapalooza allows you to bring in an empty water bottle (any size) into the park and they have multiple hydration stations located by different stages for you to fill up with water for FREE! They do sell canned water, ya I said canned lol, but we just brought a giant water bottle and filled it up regularly. We saw too many people passing out from dehydration and heat exhaustion so take advantage of the free water! It is kind of a pain to carry around a giant water bottle when you're trying to dance and have fun, but trust me I never once felt dehydrated and it was because I forced myself to drink so much water.


Everyone at Lolla seems to genuinely be having a good time. We never saw a fight or any kind of incident. It was primarily people in their 20s but we definitely saw the occasional cool mom and dad jamming out too. A lot of local Chicago high schoolers do go as well. Any person we met from Chicago said that they have been going since high school and that this was their 5th or something time attending. There were also some of my favorite influencers/YouTubers there this year including, Keaton Milburn, David Dobrik, and Tezza!

Overall the trip was so fun. The city's skyscrapers made for the perfect festival backdrop. The music and performers were all so talented and seemed so grateful to be there. I genuinely felt safe the whole time and had such a great time! Tap through my Lollapalooza Instagram highlight for more videos and pictures of this adventure :)