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NATALIE JUST is a life, style and wellness content creator. In 2017, JUST launched her blog in her freshman year dorm room. She has since grown her community to over 160k across her main platforms: Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


Her desire to become a full-time creative started years before she even knew it was possible. As a kid, JUST spent her days flipping through magazines and clothing catalogs. This eventually turned into browsing all of her favorite store's websites...


"I would spend hours playing pretend and picking out each outfit I was "wearing" for the day online. I've always had a big imagination and I knew one day that gift would lead me into some creative field. Little me would freak out to see what my job is today."


In addition to her love of fashion, JUST used to do musical theater up until college. Although her days on the stage ended, JUST missed that active lifestyle and decided to substitute dance class for workout class. Practicing different forms of movement like yoga, pilates and strength training has helped transform  her mind & body.


JUST has also been open about her journey with acne and struggles with skin positivity. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle combined with healthy eating, affirmations, mindfulness, meditation and a stunning skincare routine, her skin has been getting back on track and she hopes to inspire others with these lifestyle changes.


She currently resides in Chicago, IL  with her husband Tyler and dog Burton. The two have been together nearly a decade and love sharing bits of their world with you.


Her content aims to encourage others to do something good every day for their mind, body and soul in style. 


For questions, collaboration inquiries please email me at the address below

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