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Slicked-Back Bun Essentials

This hairstyle seems simple but honestly it took me a while to really find what products would get it to slick back and stay seamlessly. Once I found the right products and technique, and practiced a bunch, it takes me about 5 minutes to do now! I also find it works best on dirty/day three hair hehe

My technique: section off my hair into the middle, then use a comb to section off a chunk of hair on both sides in front of the ears. I clip those sections and focus on pulling the rest of my hair back into a normal ponytail. Then I take each of the front pieces I clipped off and brush them back with a smoothing brush into the pony tail. Once it's all in a ponytail, I twist my hair around itself creating *almost* like a knot. Then I secure that with another hair tie! The finishing touch is this amazing wax stick from Amazon. It lays down every little fly away and I like it way better than using hairspray.




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