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What I Put In My Bridesmaid Proposal Box

When it came time to ask my bridesmaids to be in our wedding, there was no question about who I was going to ask. But figuring out how to ask them was the tricky part! I have seen all of the popular bridesmaid proposal ideas on Pinterest, but they felt overdone and filled with products/gifts that my girls would never use again.

I have 6 beautiful women by my side as my bridesmaids and 2 of them are my matron and maid of honor. I got all of them the same pieces, except for my MOHs, I got them something a tiny bit more special. They all received a hand written note from me along with a small, white box with a polaroid picture of the two of us attached. When they opened the box, the items were inside laid out nicely underneath tissue paper that came with the box from Etsy. There are tons of different boxes you can find on Amazon and Etsy. I linked mine as well as some other options below.

For my MOH, underneath the tissue paper was a tortoise colored claw clip, my favorite lip butter balm from Summer Fridays, and Marc Jacobs' Perfect Eau de Parfum. I knew I wanted to get them a perfume that they would wear to my wedding, but also like enough to wear to other events. Perfume can be tricky to buy for someone else since everyone has different preferences, but luckily I know my girls pretty well and thought Perfect by Marc Jacobs was... well perfect! It is a warm floral scent with hints of cashmere and cedarwood.

Instead of the perfume, the rest of my girls got a custom jewelry dish with their names on it from Willow Lane Collective on Etsy. I had actually received a jewelry dish from them as an engagement gift with our date on it! I thought it was stunning and amazing quality, so I knew my girls would appreciate it. The other 4 also received the lip butter balm and claw clip.

A random hack to think about when putting together these boxes is to look for gift sets! You can buy one gift set filled with 6 or so products and then give each one to a bridesmaid! I linked a few below.

Shop what I put in my bridesmaid proposal box


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